10 Kid-Friendly Lunch Ideas

With all the time we spend at home now, our kitchens are getting a workout. Between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there are 21 meals a week. Adjust that for a family of four and it’s 84 meals a week! And that number doesn’t include snacks. 🤯 How crazy is that?

If you’re struggling to come up with lunch ideas that are enjoyable for all, look no further. Read on for 10 Kid-Friendly Lunch Recipes that are easy to make and taste good, too.

Pita Pizzas

Cinnamon Toast Pinwheels

Crunchy Quinoa Crusted Chicken Tenders

Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

Turkey Club Lettuce Wraps

Noodle Pancakes

Monogram Sandwich

Caprese Wrap

Avocado Toast

Egg McMuffin