11 Fun Green Ideas to Inspire on St. Paddy’s Day🍀

This week we are going green… and having a blast getting ready to celebrate this holiday.

We have worked with our local vendors to make green tortillas and added some of our favorite items to the menu that are already green.

Check out our family favorite meals Pealafel and Tacos, our Bright Green Smoothie and Lemon Sugar Cookies – or try our new Family Snacks made just for the holiday. There is something for everyone in the family.

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Pealafels – On the Menu

Our absolute favorite family effort are the Pealafels and they are on the menu this week. Have you had them before? They are completely moist and delicious and filled with so many nutrients. You can bake them, pan fry them or air fry them depending on what excites you. Add to your order

We haven’t hard our favorite Pealafels on the menu since fall and we thought what better come back then the most green holiday of them all.

Seasonal Special: Green Machine Pizza Family Snack

Chef Catherine has been creating Weelicious Snacks for decades and these are an oldie but goodie. Have the kids get creative and make the most of their after school snack by adding fun veggies. This is a limited time offer and the flavor is amazing. Add to your order.

Seasonal Special: Family Snack Cheddar Chive Scone

An absolute family favorite – they will be gone in no time… order 2! One of the easiest to make recipes. We have provided you all the dough and you just have to add in what you want in chives to make the recipe yours. They are going to be gone in no time. Add to your order.

Seasonal Special: Family Snack Green Mac & Cheese

We have made this a new side to add onto any one of your orders. We have decided that Mac & Cheese is a must-have family go to. This week we are adding in the green to give it a punch of color, flavor and make it fun for St. Paddy’s Day. A yummy creamy cheese sauce seals the deal. Add to your order.

Smoothie: Bright Green

Our smoothies are made with fresh ingredients, pre-portioned and frozen. They are ready to place in a blender with your favorite milk and are ready in 2-minutes or less. If you have this a few times a week you will see a notable difference in your complexion and your eyes. The vibrancy of the nutrients takes over.

And… we highly recommend our Bright Green smoothie for the luck of the Irish. Add to your cart.

Lemon Sugar Cookies

Roll them out and add the green.. if you have green sprinkles and a 4-leaf clover cutter – you’ve got the gold (if not you can purchase on Amazon: Supernatural Green Into the Woods Sprinkles | 4-Leaf Clover).

Our Lemon Sugar Cookies have a fresh, tangy finish with a sweet top note. They are perfect rollers and great for making any variety of cut cookies. Add to cart (note: buy at least 3 packs to make 18 cookies)

Family Favorite Tacos

This week we are trading out our taco tortillas for green tortillas – FUN! This is going to be a surprise for everyone in the family. If you have’t had our tacos we highly recommend giving them a try. So tasty and ready in 12-minutes or less. Truly a family fav. Make it one of your 3 meals this week – Add to cart.

4 Other Quick Kiddie Activities
Easy homemade treats

  1. LEPRECHAUN HATS: 5-minute activity and so cute for school lunch! These leprechaun hats are so much fun – just cut a cucumber in half, piece of mozzarella cheese and yellow sweet pepper.

2. GREEN FRUIT SKEWER – make it your own with little green paper touches on the top and fun messages.

3. IRISH POPCORN – We got you. This is a top 5-minute snack. Just make some an icing out of powdered sugar and milk and then add in a little green food coloring. If you want to get really inspired, add on some lucky charms into the mix for added color.

Add in Lucky Charms!

4. RAINBOW CHEESE BOARD: A fun, lucky cheese board can be a great tradition. Check out the green spinach tortillas and cut them with a cookie cutter, layer in a rainbow of fruit and veg and then make a yummy sandwich to place at the bottom. Place the cheesy dip in the middle like a pot of gold.