14 Kid-Friendly Snacks

Between summer sports, activities, and camps, we’re eating our fair share of snacks lately. And with school starting soon, we’re starting to plan for snacks that will fit in lunch boxes and satisfy growing appetites.

Balancing healthy and tasty snacks can be tricky, but One Potato’s co-founder, Catherine, has a few easy tips for snacking:

  • A fun lunch or snack box is a great way to have variety without a ton of bags and boxes
  • Try a box with a lot of small compartments, so there are a few bites of each snack, and your kids are encouraged to try a variety of foods
  • Focus on color and texture because kids eat with their eyes first so go with fruits, veggies, and other snacks that are brightly colored or crunchy
  • Pick nutrient-dense snacks like nuts, seeds, whole-grain cereal, pretzels, dried fruit, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, and yogurt-covered nuts

Read on for 14 Kid-Friendly Snacks that will satisfy your kids’ appetites and your need for healthy ingredients.

Protein Cookies

Green Treats

Banana Yogurt Cake

Strawberry Fruit Leather

Chocolate Graham Crackers

Spinach Cake Muffins

Protein Balls

Carrot Snack Sticks

Paper Bag Popcorn

Animal Crackers

Protein Bars

Nut Free Granola

Dried Cherry Seed Crisps

Brown Rice Crispy Treats