Announcing helen’s x One Potato!

Like marinara sauce is to spaghetti and cheese is to macaroni, there’s no pairing like a delicious homecooked meal with the perfect wine. We’re excited to announce that starting this August, you’ll be able to pair your One Potato meal box with curated wines from helen’s.

You’ll receive all the fresh ingredients and prep instructions you need to make your meal and wine. Everything you need to make it a date night at home for two. ❤️

Why Helen’s?

Helen’s opened with Jon & Vinny’s in 2015. They wanted to create an experiential, curated environment where people could find high quality, well-made wines at every price point. Helen’s believes that wine should enhance life & be made with a certain level of purity.

How’s it Work?
Sign up to get your weekly box on helen’s website.

Customize your box by choosing 4 or 6 bottles of wine each month. Next, pick a tier of club membership, standard, upgrade, or baller.

You’ll be the first one to receive this exclusive helen’s X One Potato curated wine box this August.

Use code ONEPOTATO10 for 10% off your box.

*Please Note: Helen’s Wine cannot ship to Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Michigan, or Utah. Due to temperature control, orders from the following states will take up to 10 business days to arrive once shipped: Texas, Illinois, and Oklahoma.