Catherine McCord, Co-Founder of One Potato, Shares a Day in the Life

Catherine McCord is the co-founder of One Potato, creative behind the wildly successful food website Weelicious, and mom to three kids. She’s originally from Louisville, Kentucky, moved to NYC to attend culinary school, and landed in Los Angeles, CA.

Catherine founded Weelicious 13 years ago after the birth of her son. She realized she knew how to cook for adults and wanted to make sure her son was a great eater from day one. Since then, she’s written three cookbooks and founded One Potato, which helps families cook easy, healthy recipes while spending time together.

Today, Catherine shares what a day in her life looks like. Read on to find out how Catherine likes to relax at the end of the day and which recipes her kids always request for dinner.

Walk us through a day in your life.

6:00 am I wake up to catch up on emails and prep smoothies for breakfast. Then, I go on a hike with our dog, Cosmo, from 6:50 am to 8 am.

8:00 am I’m home to hang with the kids and make sure they have everything organized for their day and get ready for my day. 

9:00 am Time to start my workday. I sit at my desk with my smoothie to start online meetings, calls, and respond to emails.

11:00 am I switch my focus to content creation, shooting Instagram or video content for Weelicious and One Potato. The fun never ends!

1:00 pm Now it’s time for lunch with my oldest kids (the bonus of virtual learning this year)!

3:00 pm I head out to pick up my youngest at preschool. We head home to play a bit before heading back to work. 

5:00 pm I start making dinner around this time. And I’m so grateful on the nights I have my One Potato meals so I don’t even need to think about what to make!

7:00 pm Family dinner, bath, books and bed for the kids. 

9:00 pm After everyone’s in bed, it’s back to emails to finish everything for the day. When everything’s done, I read a book, watch a show with my husband, or play a brain game to relax before bed at 11 pm.

How has life changed at home since we began social distancing in March?

I find that I have more time in my day for things like hiking (I haven’t exercised in the past 5 years because of my crazy schedule), one on one time with all three of my kids, and less time racing around in my car. 

It’s a crazy time in the world, but I’m also grateful for the forced slower pace of life.

What are your easy, go-to recipes your family always requests?

Right now my kids have been asking for:

What is mealtime usually like at your house? Do your kids like to help cook?

At least one of my kids wants to make dinner with me most nights. Often I will pull up a stool, cutting board, and kid-safe knife and put them to work. It’s fun to watch them ask questions and eat vegetables as we chat. 

How do you like to wind down after a long day balancing work and taking care of your kids?

My older kids are 11 and 13 years old, so it’s been fun to start watching shows they love during the stay at home order. Our bond has grown even deeper and we get to end our days with a laugh.