Go for the Crunch… made from Persian Cucumbers straight from the ground.

When you think “CRUNCH” most of the time it is reflective of a chip or some kind of processed product. Here at One Potato we pride ourselves on our crunch coming from a crisp, tasty and fresh vegetable from the ground. Our favorite, and our highlight of this week:

The Persian Cucumber

There is nothing quite like this baby cucumber. It’s about 5″ to 6″ in size, about an 1″ in diameter (no bigger than a quarter typically) and is nutty, crunchy and refreshing.

We choose Melissa’s cucumbers – organic when we can and they are in season, conventional all year ’round – because they have become our standard One Potato salad topper. It’s a layer of both flavor and texture that we have come to realize we can’t live without.

Cucumbers in general are a very good source many vitamins and minerals that you need. are building man the other of the vitamins C and A, potassium, manganese, dietary fiber, magnesium and silica minerals. We all need these daily essentials and if they can come through the ground, isn’t that better than supplementing with other resources?

We have found kids to devour these Persian cucumbers within minutes because they are sized for them and have a smoother, denser texture. Kids like to hold them or to have them cut into coin-sized bites. These are typically a choice over many fruits and vegetables, including baby carrots.

It’s the quality that sets One Potato apart – not all Persian Cucumbers are made alike:

Testimonial from one of our East Coast customers Jackie: “The first time I received a One Potato Box, I was excited to see that the business used Persian Cucumbers since it’s my sons favorite. When he ate the One Potato Persian Cucumber he devoured it in minutes and said it tasted different than the ones we get locally on the East Coast.

“At first I thought he was just making a statement. Over the months to follow I realized when I would get a local organic or conventional Persian Cucumber from a local farmer or even Whole Foods, the quality paled in comparison – by my own standards and my sons. I realized that One Potato ships direct.

The ingredient is harvested, packed and shipped within a matter of days directly to me. This is why I buy One Potato. There is nothing quite like the quality.”

Menu Items on Onepotato.com with Persian Cucumbers:

Here is an article from The Kitchn discussing the difference between the English Cucumber and the Persian Cucumber. Two different uses, two different sizes, shapes, etc. Cucumbers are delicious no matter what the type.

Order One Potato and enjoy our Persian Cucumbers!

📸 Photo by Ask the Food Geek

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