Good Pharma Parent Gift

As the holiday season is upon us we’re all feeling overwhelmed, tired and the additional stress is wearing us down. We wanted to introduce you to one of our holiday picks of the season, Good Pharma. 

A functional tea and coffee system from fellow female founder Jill Portman. Have you heard of Mighty Leaf Tea? Jill is the co-founder of this wonderful brand and has been paramount in creating the tea culture we have all been embracing.

Good Pharma is made with some of the best plant based ingredients from around the world providing benefits for better sleep, jitters and cognitive and immune support. It’s functional tea and coffee.

Visit to treat yourself this holiday season. For One Potato subscribers you are getting a special Good Pharma gift set in your upcoming box. 

Jill gave me a discount which is our gift to you this holiday. Go to the site and type in ONEPOTATO.

What Makes Good Pharma “Good”