What we are working on…

Having a meal kit business means sustainability cannot always be first on the list (food quality needs to be), but for us, it is top of mind. It is our children’s future and the health of our planet. It is an initiative we strive for and will become a much more critical discussion as we progress.

OUTSIDE CONTAINER (Box or Tote): Packaging is still packaging.

Local customers: We are doing our best to reuse tote bags and ice packs anywhere in California. We have a printed tote bag that works for 20 uses or so. We encourage you to return them week after week.

National and regional customers: We use recycled boxes and liners made from recycled metal and plastic. We ask that you recycle both after removal. Ice packs should become ambient; drain the ice before discarding them. Also, there are tons of recycling opportunities in many communities. Meals on Wheels is an organization that is always looking for ice pack donations. Trashless will pick up and redistribute.

INSIDE BAGS: We are working on a better solution for how the food comes. We know this is not ideal or eco. For the time being, we are using food-grade plastic bags with handles that are clear and quickly show what’s in the bag in your fridge. These are the same kind of bags as grape holders. We use these as the outer organization of products, and the goal is to separate the food ingredients into meals. We aim to move to a disposable box when Catherine’s Meal Prep Magic Book comes out in the spring. She will have a food-grade refrigerator setup inside your fridge that we will recommend instead of the bags. 

We use food-grade heat-sealed bags for meat, dressings, and grains. This vacuum seals and enables us to store products in air-tight containers. We have shifted to clear containers for guacamole, salsas, and pico de gallo. We will have an upgrade for sauces soon, which will come in a plastic container. We might start using glass bottles locally, but there is more risk of breakage in this format, so we are testing.

KIDS & PARENT LUNCHES: We tried the eco-friendly route, and it did not go well. The moisture from the pressed paper board bases would get into the food. So we are streamlining and coming out with a plan that is a better quality package altogether. Unfortunately, plastic is the only option we can find today because of its shelf stability. We are looking into reusable bento boxes for our local LA folks.

INGREDIENTS: We support regenerative and healthy farming practices. We prefer to buy locally in every circumstance. We aim to be part of the supply chain to rebuild our fields. That means diversity in product and plant-forward recipes. Our weekly meal plans offer two plant-based, one vegetarian, and two omnivore options to ensure diversity. 

We are working on it.

Sustainability is core to the survival of our planet. It’s essential for ourselves and our children. We are investing in food and food delivery first. Then, we will invest in packaging. Our first commitment to you as customers is to ensure that we can deliver our products in a way that maintains quality. We will be looking at all aspects of this in our development.