Vegetarian Sandwich Ideas

With more and more kids becoming vegetarian (including my son, Kenya), I’m always trying to come up with unique creations that are affordable and easy to prepare in minutes. I start with good quality whole grain bread which I then toast to make sure it gets a good crusty outer layer to act as a barrier to prevent it from getting soggy by lunch time. 

Then I take a high protein spread like sunbutter, peanut or almond butter, granola butter, whipped cream cheese (it’s easier to spread then a brick of cream cheese), hummus, pesto and more as the base. No matter what you choose you want to make sure you use spreads that are high in nutrients and low in sugar if possible. 

Not only do you want your sandwich to taste delicious, you want it to look gorgeous too. This comes from the toppings you choose. I bet if you look in your refrigerator you will find endless sandwich topping that come in the forms of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, olives, cheese and more. You can cut them into different shapes using a mandolinea sharp knifea melon baller or even using your fingers to break foods up into fun shapes. 

You can serve the sandwiches open face (the foods on top tend to act as a barrier if you using a bento style lunch box) or you can add more spread to the second piece of bread to make a sandwich to fill you and those your loves bellies with goodness. Here’s a few vegetarian sandwich ideas that I send in my kids lunch box (or eat on my own). 

SunButter, almond butter, peanut butter or almond butter and banana (this is by far my personal go to when I’m making my lunch or even a late day snack to keep me energized).

Avocado and cucumber: this sandwich is super simple and with a sprinkle of hemp seeds a great way to add protein to your lunch too. 

Red Bell Pepper Hummus with baby gems lettuce and ripe tomato slices is one of our go-to ways to enjoy an open-faced sandwich. 

This Egg and Pickle Salad Sandwich recipe is in the Weelicious Lunches cookbook and was the first one to disappear when I made this platter of sandwiches. 

Chocolate Sun Butter is the best way to treat yourself with a boost of protein from the hemp and chia seeds too. 

Cheesy Olive Tapenade (from the Weelicious Lunches cookbook) with whipped cream cheese is by far the sandwich all of my kids ask for most often if I ask them what they want in their lunch box. 

Have you ever had mascarpone with strawberry jam, fresh strawberries and blueberries? It’s the way to turn a healthy sandwich into something that tastes more like dessert. 

Pesto makes an amazing sandwich spread especially when topped with vegetables like grated carrots and chopped crunchy bell peppers.

When I was a kid there was nothing I love more than a cheese and tomato sandwich. You can use any type of cheese you love including Monterrey Jack, cheddar, colby, and more and add hummus or garlic spread if you want to give it a little pop of extra flavor and texture.  

No matter which one your choose you’ll have 9 Vegetarian Sandwich ideas that will keep lunch fun and exciting.