Top 5 Water Bottles for the Summer of 2023

Top 5 Water Bottles for the Summer of 2023

May 10, 2023Kurtis Brand

There are water bottles, then there are WATER BOTTLES. We've done the research to find the best possible water bottles to keep you hydrated and healthy this summer. Important factors on how we made our decisions are based on:

Usability - If the bottle doesn't function well then what's the point? We eliminated any bottle that might show signs of leakage or difficulty in using.

Durability - Water bottles take some serious abuse. Whether you're using it for cycling, working out or letting your kids use them, they are bound to get mangled.

Looks - Lets face it, you don't want to be carrying around an ugly water bottle when your rocking your cool workout gear.

Price - The bottles we chose are some of the best, so the cost is a little higher. We went for value where the cost justifies the quality and usability, not just the brand name.

Uniqueness - Everyone loves a new unique product that stands out from the pack. We place a high value on the"wow" factor as long as it meets our other criteria above. Take for example the Que Bottle Collapsible Water Bottle. It looks beautiful, it's highly functional, of great quality and totally unique.

Materials - We can't really recommend any product unless it is made of good quality safe materials. As well, we put a huge emphasis on the carbon footprint of the product. Can you recycle it? Is it made from recycled materials? If so, you get big brownie points from us.

Versatility - If you can't put one of our delicious and healthy featured smoothies in the bottle, then your missing out on essential health and wellness. We like to have the option of putting a variety of beverages in our bottles. 

So, without further ado, lets get to the Top 5 Water Bottles for the Summer of 2023!

1. Que Collapsible Bottle

We love the Que Collapsible bottle for so many reasons which is why it's one of our top five picks. Why did we pick it? 

  1. Highly Functional - As it says in the name, this bottle, when empty, collapses down to about half its size. Moms, do we even need to mention the benefit of this? When your packing up for a day trip, the bags just seem to fill up with endless stuff. So any reduction in size is highly beneficial so you can, well, pack more stuff that you might need (we know, the list is endless). Also, storing them in your kitchen frees up a lot of space for, lets say, those 30 gummy bear trays you accumulated over Covid. 
  2. Beautiful - These bottles come in some of the best colors you can find in a water bottle. And let's face it, the design just looks really cool and unique. Don't be surprised when your friends ask you where you heard about these amazing bottles (shameless plug, sorry).
  3. Price - The price of the Que Bottles is actually a little lower than many of their competitors and we think the value here is spot on.
  4. Carbon Footprint - The Que Collapsible Bottle is about half the size of its competitors when collapsed. A great benefit of this is the reduction in its carbon footprint because it takes up less space during shipping. Did you think of that one? We hope so. Also, Que donates 10% of its profits to protect land in the Peruvian Rainforest which is a significant percentage and shows that these guys really walk the talk.

How about adding a super healthy smoothy to your Que bottle? Try this Thinmint by Bumpin Blends smoothy, we love it!


2. 16 oz. Livana Silk Sip Insulated Water Bottle

For sheer elegance and usability, we highly recommend the Silk Sip 16 oz bottle from Livana. Though the bottle is the most expensive on our list, we think all of the features add up to a water bottle with great value. Let's take a look:

  1. Excellent Functionality - The real standout feature of this beautiful bottle is the way it functions. The 360° pull-up drink lid really separates it from the pack. Not having to unscrew a lid is obviously a huge benefit when working out, riding a bike, or running. It works great and we love it. Finish off the bottle with a non-slip base and you have a truly great water bottle.
  2. Elegance - The Livana Silk Sip is truly one of the most beautifully designed bottles on our list. For sheer elegance and aesthetic, this bottle can't be beat. And the colors are to die for. Featured in refined hues like Onyx, Sedona, and Stone, you know they are gearing their bottles towards fashionistas, and they really hit the mark. Another nice feature that ads to the beauty and design of the bottle is the tasteful leather strap (sorry vegans).
  3. Insulated - Not all of the bottles on our list are insulated, and we don't always prefer that, but the folks at Livana really did it right. The bottles are triple insulated and keep smoothies or other cold beverages super cool on those hot days of summer. 
  4. Taste - You know how some water bottles have a funky aftertaste (maybe after one of your kid's magic potions of unmentionable ingredients)? Livana developed their proprietary SilkSip technology to prevent that aftertaste and it really works. Nice job guys.
  5. Environmentally Friendly - These bottles aren't made of plastic, so no worries there about reducing their carbon footprint. Also, the SilkSip technology eliminates water pollution generated in the manufacturing of stainless steel water bottles. Whoop Whoop!


Try a One Time Smoothy Cube Bundle by Bumpin Blends in your Livana bottle for  healthy sophistication and wellness.

3. The Amethyst Healing Water Bottle by Conscious Items

This water bottle is in a class all its own. In their own words "The Amethyst Healing Water Bottle stimulates every cell in your body. Allow the healing energy of Amethyst to flow through you—literally. Popular for use during meditation, Amethyst helps soothe the mind and relax the body". What could be better? 

  1. Uniqueness - This magical healing water bottle is best in class because, well, there is no other in it's class. We love the unique nature of this bottle, and whether you believe in the healing power of crystals or not, it's truly a pleasure to drink from. If you're into yoga and meditation, this bottle is just the one for you.
  2. Design - We really love how this bottle looks. It's such a pleasure to drink from a glass bottle, especially when it has a beautiful amethyst crystal inside. The warm purpleish color really is a joy to look at and drinking the crystal infused water after you have been sweating your face off on a 10k run makes things all the better. (Does the crystal make you faster? It couldn't hurt).  
  3. Beauty - This really is one of the happiest and prettiest bottles to carry around with you. Every time we look at the crystal it brings a smile to our face. You can't really say that about too many water bottles now can you?

Before you go to yoga or meditation class, fill your bottle up with one of TUSOL Wellness' Organic Turmeric and Coconut or Organic Cacao and Lion's Mane smoothy mixes. Power up and elevate your vibrations!

For the ultimate in health and wellness, try these Smoothie Boosts add-ons like Chaga Mushroom Tincture or Bee Pollen and let us know what you think.


3. Portable Dog Water Bottle by Groomy

Do you have a dog? Who doesn't? How could we eliminate our canine cronies from adding their favorite water bottle to the list? Let's see what this bottle has to offer:

  1. Pet Friendly - We love our pets, almost as much as we love our kids (don't tell your kid that, please). How does it work? Grrrrrreat! Simply squeeze the water out through the carbon filter into your dog's mouth and they will love you forever (Wait, they already love you forever. Ok, even more so then).
  2. Pet-Cred - Next time you're at the dog park, you'll get mad respect from all of your dog loving friends for showing your pet so much love.
  3. So Cute - We think the colors of these bottles are really nice. You may not want to give your Rottweler a drink from a soft pink bottle, but Fifi will love it! And most other dogs will really appreciate the beautiful colors. (wait, aren't they color blind?) Well, you certainly will love the colors and the nice glass bottle as well.
  4. Unique - This category speaks for itself. As well, the carbon filter is really nice and unique. Why don't us humans get a carbon filter in our bottles? Either way, there is no stopping you from drinking from Rex's bottle to get that carbon filter goodness so have at it!


4. Kid's Cup by Corkcicle

This is truly one of our favorite kid's sippy cups. In Corkcicle's words "A 12oz Kids Cup was designed with serious fun in mind. Easy-sip spout lid. Convenient carrying handle. Flat sides for small hands. Available in a variety of delightful color combos. Keeping drinks ice cold for up to 18 hours means playtime just got a whole lot cooler."

We agree with every word.

Corkcicle is an amazing brand and all of their products are top-of-the-line. They are a little on the pricey side but well worth it. When your kid goes to school, just handcuff it to their wrist so they can't lose it. No, don't do that.

Seriously though, it's super hard to get enough nutrition into your growing kid's body, so add a scoop of BIOHM's Super Kids Super Foods + Probiotics + Omegas + Vitamin C super food powder to your kid's favorite juice.


5. Care Like Greta Eco-Friendly Glass Water Bottle and Sticker Kit by Kids Crafts

Greta Thunberg has really taken the world by storm and we have to give her big respect by featuring this very special kid's water bottle kit. As the maker Kid's Crafts states "Perfect for young activists inspired by Greta Thunberg, this kit includes everything needed to decorate a glass water bottle with uplifting, waterproof stickers. Say goodbye to single-use plastic and encourage sustainable choices every day with a reminder to be happy and make a difference. Join the fight for a better future and inspire the next leader in your life with this eco-friendly kit."

We love pretty much everything about this water bottle.

Environmentally Friendly - Because it is inspired by Greta Thunberg's activism, naturally it is super eco-friendly. No plastic here, strictly glass.

Kid Friendly - Kids....Love....Stickers. And there are some great ones here. So fun.

We can't recommend this kid's water bottle kit enough and we are proud to offer it to your little future activists. Fill 'em up with one of Bumpin Blends PB&J or Cookie Dough smoothies and your good to go. Healthy, delicious and responsible!

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