The Importance of the Family Meal

Journey Update: Mid-May – Meals Are Going Live in September
May 18, 2023
Here's the news that you you have been waiting for, but might be surprising.  We mentioned in our previous journey note we were in the process of turning on multiple kitchens to get the cost of shipping down and to have better standards, quality and local products. With that choice, we have had to systematize.  We also believe it is our responsibility as a meal provider for families to be educating and providing nutrient-dense, high-quality ingredients with nutrition facts.
Competitive Review: Nurture Life
May 10, 2023
Over 50+ healthy, delicious baby finger foods & kids meals that are delivered weekly and ready to enjoy in 1 minute or less. Nurture Life meals are freshly made every week (seriously!), never frozen, and designed by their in-house pediatric dietitians to be nutritionally balanced for your child’s age & stage and are only made with real, clean ingredients. What makes them stand out is how delicious their meals are.
Competitive Profile: Good Eggs
May 09, 2023
Meet Good Eggs, a radically fresh market delivering peak-season produce, curated groceries, and time-saving meal solutions right to your door. By cultivating deep relationships with local farmers and foodmakers, Good Eggs goes straight to the source and brings you only the best.  Get a special discount code and free gift. 
Journey Update: May 2023
May 09, 2023
Want to know what's going on behind the scenes? We are offering a sneak peak at what's next on the horizon. And guess what's coming? Discounts for amazing competitive brands. As we started digging into our competitor brands. We realized we have leaned into tremendous whitespace in the marketplace. No one on the market doing family meals are semi-prepared. We had to ask ourselves, "Why?" 
Journey Update: April 2023
Apr 29, 2023
We are deep into the white boarding and exploration phase of our project and while we want to be time sensitive in our efforts, we also have really needed this time to re-evaluate.    Next, let's talk about the plan.  What makes One Potato special is that we really cater to families. Our North Star is clear – we are here to make mealtime easier for families.
Start of our Journey
Apr 28, 2023
The premise of our unifying mantra, "Family Meals Made Easy," is to truly make mealtime easier for families and to engage everyone in the process of making. It means that for the 1-hour that you get to be together as a family during dinner, you are not wasting your time figuring out the recipe or seeking all the parts and pieces to it and it becomes using it as an opportunity to connect.