Competitive Profile: Good Eggs

Competitive Profile: Good Eggs

May 09, 2023Rache Brand

Brand Name: Good Eggs 

Geographic: National

Differentiator: Organic, Grocery, Original Flavors

OP Take: Good Eggs is a future grocery experience from a full suite of online products to ready-to-eat and meal kits, there is so many options. They have great partnerships in their stable and are really one of the freshest options out there. 

Their meals are so much like One Potato meals. 

Good Eggs Overview

Meet Good Eggs, a radically fresh market delivering peak-season produce, curated groceries, and time-saving meal solutions right to your door. By cultivating deep relationships with local farmers and foodmakers, Good Eggs goes straight to the source and brings you only the best.

We’re delighted to invite One Potato customers to experience Good Eggs. Enjoy 20% off your first Good Eggs order until June 30th, 2023 along with a gift jar of Fruit Rescue from Preserve Farm Kitchens’, made from upcycled, imperfect, delicious fruit.

Use Discount Code: WelcomeOnePotato

From busy weeknights to casual weekends and every moment in between, discover Good Eggs’ own mealtime magic ✨ (hey just like Catherine's Meal Prep Magic) with exceptionally curated foods and freshly-prepared meals. Enjoy!


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