Journey Update: May 2023

Journey Update: May 2023

May 09, 2023Rache Brand

It's been an exciting stretch for us here at One Potato.

As noted in our April article, we have realized how much work we have to do to remain a sustainable business. 

Many of you have contacted us with support, loving words, and signs of frustration.

We get it. We miss One Potato too. 

We requested a survey, and many of you took it. It illuminated what you liked, didn't like, and where you thought we could improve. Thank you for taking the time; it was critical. 

We put together a list of our core competencies and what One Potato will continue to provide moving forward: 

  • Make families' lives easier
  • The creativity of our flavors
  • Menu planning
  • Family meal sizing and pricing
  • Activities for kids to participate
  • Fun snacks, smoothies & desserts


There is an opportunity to do more as a brand. We have so many great upcoming partnerships and are building the next iteration of One Potato.


Send some One Potato ❤️. Support the One Potato new marketplace.

Our first effort was building a product suite that benefits the home kitchen, the pantry, and the aspiring kid chef. 

Take a look.

If you love One Potato and want to support us through this stage, buy from us and support our business. 


We can learn from our competitors.

There are so many terrific options on the market. We have looked at 100s of options. There are so many! 

Where we landed is almost everyone does individual fresh ready-meals. The range is wide, vast, and full of unique options, flavors, taste profiles, and cuisines. 

Our competitive favorites: Good Eggs for Meals and Nurture Life for Kiddie Foods. Discounts coming your way for each of them.

As we started digging into our competitor brands. We realized we have leaned into tremendous whitespace in the marketplace. No one on the market doing family meals are semi-prepared. We had to ask ourselves, "Why?" 

After interviewing many competitors, there is a simple reason: It's too labor intensive. The individually packaged products are almost 3x as labor intensive as fresh, ready meals. 

While we were willing to still entertain semi-prepared, we have had to look at the realities of our margins. 

So, why would we keep doing what doesn't work? 

What else became evident is that so many operations are already around the country. Why can't we tap into them and lower our shipping rates? Guess what? We can. 


Entering the next phase: We went from one facility to many overnight. 

That's right. We will be facilitating the production of food across the country. We have just embarked on this journey, and today we are building out a nationwide production system with several partners. 

Here's the punchline: Many kitchens will produce a One Potato meal, not just one.

We have identified 3 great partners. We will work collaboratively with these companies to produce One Potato Meals. We will select the meals and make sure to include our favorites. Our range will be expanded with cuisines, dietary requirements, and unique recipes.

Kicker: The shipping cost is below $10 (in most cases). What?! 


But let's get down to the nitty-gritty; when will we be shipping meals again? 

We are working on getting our partners onboarded. The best case scenario is mid-June (or just before) for our expected to-go-live date, which will be National. We will have calories, dietary guidelines, and tons of new meal offerings with complete transparency.

We will keep you posted. 

It will be an evolution. Out of the gate, it will not be the same One Potato you know and love. We love the existing brand but must evolve to make it sustainable. We will make fresh ready meals individually, and initially, you will not receive family sizing. But we will be working on it. We will also move back to boxes that work better for our National partners. 

And we have several partnerships that we will be going live with that will use some of the One Potato core elements.  

It is happening...  

Thank you for your patience through this evolution. I know it has not been easy. 

Note: You will need a new account for this site and our new meal site, which has yet to be made live. Those with gift cards will be ported over and will be sent an update. 

Big One Potato ❤️ from our family to yours. 

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