Journey Update: Mid-May – Meals Are Going Live in September

Journey Update: Mid-May – Meals Are Going Live in September

May 18, 2023Rache Brand

Here's the news you have been waiting for, but it might be surprising. 

We mentioned in our previous journey note that we were turning on multiple kitchens to reduce shipping costs and have better standards, quality, and local products. With that choice, we have had to systematize. 

As meal providers, we are responsible for educating families and providing nutrient-dense, high-quality ingredients with nutrition facts. We can no longer leave so much ambiguity and have weekly recipes and ingredient adjustments. You have asked for this too, so hopefully, it is met with positivity.

It has required some BIG changes to get there, however. 

Our commitment: Our choices are to lead with clear standards and start kids when they are young at the dinner table enjoying healthy, whole foods. 


Here is what you can expect from our new meal service: 

  • Our new products will be fully prepared, fresh meals (no more meal kits).
  • Each meal will be individual; family plans will come later.
  • We have a wide selection of multiple dietary choices. 
  • All items have nutrition facts and are produced accordingly to standards.
  • All menu items are gluten-free and dairy-free. This is to ensure no cross-contamination for our allergen families. There are so many products we can still make meals with that are naturally already that way that maintains flavor and quality. 
  • Our recipes will be different. We will get back to more of our OP favorite items on the menu, but we are giving you new menu items and flavors to try. 
  • We have moved to recyclable containers for sustainability reasons. You will receive recyclable outer boxes instead of bags because all 55 kitchens will have this as a standard approach. Here's our new packaging and how the meals will come:

    The most significant change you will see is the missing family meal sizes.


    Rest assured, and we are working tirelessly to build this into our systemized approach. We know the Family Meal is why you love One Potato (we love it too for our families). We decided to go live with something and then start evolving from there. 

    Within a month, you will have a bi-weekly meal plan option, and you can set it up to use. We will also introduce large family sizes of rice, veggies, our OP dressings, and side proteins so you can make your meal. 

    In the meantime, you can trick the system by adding quantities of each meal item.

    Here is a lift under our hood and our trick: Each kid is 1/2 of 1 adult. 

    • Fingerling (Small), Family of 2: Buy 2 Portions
    • Yukon (Medium), Family of 4: Buy 3 Portions
    • Russet (Large), Family of 6: Buy 4 Portions
    • Teen Plan (X-Large), Family with Teenagers: Buy 5 Portions

    You will set up a subscription, and we will meal plan for you each week and adjust the menus based on your preferences like we always did.

    We know change is never met with discomfort. But stick with us!

    While very fun and creative, the One Potato's meal kits were limiting and too labor-intensive for us to maintain, and there was so much variability with preferences, and nutritionals were never an option. To be truly sustainable as a brand, we must reinvent the model and rebuild accordingly.

    We hope you are with us and willing to stick it out and continue to be on the journey. We will be constantly evolving. 


    🥔 ❤️

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