Top 10 Ways One Potato Saves Time + The Secret to a Happy Family at Meal Time.

Capacity is a real thing. We are all living busy and stressful lives. One Potato strives to take the pressure off meal time. We show up at your door ready to finish off a homemade, gourmet meal in under 30-minutes. We make it easy... and we make it fun for the whole fam.

The Real Secret

1. There are many ways we help, but our #1 way and real secret is Menu planning! We keep it fresh for you so you don't have to and we try to have our seasonal menus online 6-weeks in advance.

We have your favorites like Tacos for Taco Tuesday, or Pizza Friday, but we also mix 'n match ingredients and flavors offering unique and clever options to keep the family always guessing. Have you ever had Chicken Yakitori or Mapo Tofu? How about Polenta Lasagna or Pealafels? Some of our most delicious items are also so simple like our Country-style Baby Back Ribs, Steak Frites or Pasta Mama. We really have something for everyone (even picky kids).

We make it fun and about discovery!

And that ultimately leads to a happy family enjoying meal time together.

Other Key Ways We Support Our Families

2. One Potato began as simple to make meal kits. We send the final sauce and mis-en-place and you just put the ingredients together with step-by-step instructions. We have added ready-to-eat meals for parent lunches and bento box lunches for kids. We have snacks for on the go, or a salad or bowl to eat at your desk. Lunch and dinner is really made easy on us.

3. One Potato offers flexible pricing for families whether it’s just you and your partner, or a few kids or many kids. We even have a teen plan and extra protein on each dish, just in case you have those hungry, growing kiddos.

4. One Potato prioritizes your preferences. Food presences, allergies and sensitivities are a PRIORITY. We offer gluten free, dairy free, nut free and plant-based meals (with any combo of those options) to suit your needs. We also have built in preferences for vegetarian or omnivore families so you have the option to select how the site will organize for you. We have lots of different proteins available for each menu option.

5. One Potato knows time is of the essence. You are busy and leading complicated lives. We do our part to make sure all your meal planning, shopping and prep is complete so you can enjoy your time in the kitchen with the ones you love. Almost all of the semi-prepared One Potato dinners take 12-30 minutes to prepare start to finish.

6. One Potato portions with food waste in mind: by offering semi and fully prepared meals we’re able to cut down on product waste and packaging by sending you exactly what you need. Instead of recipe cards we always offer QR codes so we keep the information fresh based on the seasonal ingredients we have.

7. One Potato encourages kids to cook. Even the smallest of tasks when cooking inspires kids to spend time with parents and become better eaters. With every meal we offer a way for kids to be involved.

8. One Potato allows parents to spend more time with their children. We make it so meal time starts with the making of the meal. With less time prepping and cooking and more time playing and engaging as a family, you will make the food – which is fun and engaging on its own – eat together around the table and clean up all within 1-hour or less.

9. One Potato is homemade meals made easy. We provide all the parts and pieces so you get to put them together without the stress of additional ingredients. We provide the dough to roll out and the finished filling to place in side. Our goal is to come up with ways that make your life exponentially easier.

10. One Potato provides the best quality packing material to preserve and ensure highest and best food quality. When shipping, we offer a green-friendly shipping option and hand deliver in the Los Angeles or SoCal area.

We are always adding to the mix – let us know what you are looking for and we will source it for you. We are on a journey to discover great food that we can make easy for our families to enjoy meal time again, together.

Bon Appetite!