Happy Grub

Happy Grub Buttermilk Pancake Mix


The mix that started it all and the base for all four flavors. Everyone knows the best kind of pancakes are buttermilk, making for a fluffier and richer pancake. Just like your family recipe, only easier to make, even more fun and notably nutritious.

Just add water, shake & squeeze!

Each Squeezable Instant Pancake Mix bottle contains 8.5 ounces of mix and makes about 20 (3 in.) pancakes.

This baking mix is also great for waffles, cupcakes, muffins & more!

Made of all natural and organic ingredients, Happy Grub makes mealtime MORE - more simple, more fun, more healthy. But LESS where it matters - less mess, less chores.

Great for kids and great as a family activity.


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