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Cookware Organizer Rack, Customizable/Adjustable - From Grand Fusion by Grand Fusion Housewares, LLC


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This kitchen cabinet organizer rack is a perfect gift for anyone who loves spending time cooking but hates the clutter that follows while searching for the right lids, pots, pans and other utensils in the process. This easy-to-use rack can be sectioned as per your needs, and requires no special tools or heavy-duty chisels for installation. Just remove from the box, insert the wire dividers however they work best for you, and set them in your cupboard. For optimal kitchen and pantry organization and storage, buy and connect extra organizers.  

Key Features: 

For Clutter-Free Kitchen Organization: Whether storing casserole dishes, dutch ovens, frying pan covers, plates or baking sheets, you can space the sections of the rack to fit as per your needs. The non-slip feet keep the stand in place. 

Rack for Kitchen Storage Cabinet: This organizer is easy-to-use and requires no special tools for installation. Remove from the box, insert the wire dividers as per your kitchen needs, and set in your cupboard.  

Optimal Kitchen Organization and Storage:  Buy and connect extra organizers end -to -end for optimal kitchen organization, and reduce clutter in the process of finding the cookware you need.  

Easier Pantry Organization and Storage: No matter how big or small your kitchen is, rummaging through cabinets looking for the right lid without the mess and noise is always a task. With this rack, you will never struggle to find the right lid. 

Treat for Every Kitchen: Whether it is for your kitchen or someone who loves cooking, this kitchen organizer comes in handy and is helpful to minimize efforts spent on searching utensils.  


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