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Organic Turmeric + Coconut Smoothie Mix (20 Pack) by TUSOL Wellness


Fulfilled by our friends at TUSOL Wellness


Flavor Profile: Golden Mylk Latte

Benefits: Immunity | Hormone | Balance | Fights Inflammation | Weight Loss

Research: Our Turmeric + Coconut Smoothie kicks inflammation to the curb with powerful herbs that target the cells and support immunity. We’ve added high-potency curcumin for serious results and added vitamin E in the form of tocotrienols to control and activate agents that regulate inflammation. Alongside ginger and cinnamon, these botanicals work in synergy to support cellular function.

Results: Experience noticeable results within the 1st month of drinking our functional meal replacement smoothies.

Each blend is designed to boost immunity, promote weight loss, stimulate collagen, increase energy and leave you with glowing skin.

The highly-absorbable combination of plant protein, superfoods, probiotics, and enzymes are perfectly-portioned, lab tested for purity, delivered to you, and ready to drink in under 60 seconds.

Organic | Vegan | Gluten-Free | Pre + Probiotics | Enzymes



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