Classic Roast Chicken

with Cranberry Sauce, Gravy & Mashed Potatoes

What would Thanksgiving be without turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes? We don’t even want to think about it! Thankfully, they’re all here in this classic One Potato chicken dinner that will have everyone around your table smiling--especially you, since you spent time with your family instead of spending hours in the kitchen cooking everything from scratch!


  • Roasted Chicken

    fresh cranberry sauce 

    mashed potatoes

    turkey jus

    turkey gravy

  • rosemary & thyme


    seasonal salad mix


    dried cranberries

    balsamic fig vinaigrette

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What You Need

Aluminum Foil
Baking Sheets
Large Pot
Medium Bowl
Olive Oil
Small Sauce Pan


1Step One

Heat a medium/large proofsauté pan over medium/high heat.

Remove chicken breasts from marinade and place in heated sauté pan skin side down for 6-7 minutes or until skin is golden and crispy.

Turn chicken skin side up and continue sautéing for 6 minutes or until chicken is cooked through.

2Step Two

While the chicken is cooking, place the mashed potatoes into a large pot. Cover and warm over low heat for 5-7 minutes stirring occasionally. If desired, add butter and salt & pepper to taste. Keep covered until ready to serve. Place the cranberry sauce into a serving dish.

3Step Three

Place the seasonal salad mix into a bowl. Core the apple and cut into slices. Add the apple slices and dried cranberries to the salad mix. Shake the vinaigrette and add it to the salad mix, tossing until combined. 

4Step Four

Place the gravy into a small sauce pot and warm over medium heat for 2 minutes. Uncover the sliced chicken breast and pour the juices* (as well as the thyme & rosemary if you prefer a more herbaceous broth) into the gravy and whisk to combine. Continue cooking the gravy for 5 additional minutes or until warmed through. Adjust seasoning with salt as desired and serve gravy alongside the chicken, salad, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes.


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