The One Potato difference

Family Friendly

-tested recipes
Low pricing for kids saves you money


Non-GMO seasonal produce
Ingredients sourced from the country’s top farms
Recyclable and reusable packaging

Quick & Convenient

Fresh ingredients arrive pre-chopped and pre-measured in a refrigerated box
Delivered straight to your door
Meals ready in 30 minutes or less

We offer more than dinner

Add our new smoothie kits to promote healthy nutritious diets all day long.

See what our families are saying

"Honestly the kids were able to prepare dinner without any of my help and it turned out very delicious."


"Had a baby in October and this is getting tasty meals on my families table every week! Thank you!! I'm in love!"


"3 meals I don't have to plan for that just show up at my doorstep - AND MY KIDS LOVE! ...One Potato has changed my life!!!!!"

April A.
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